Notable News: Week of February 2-8, 2013

This week was full of great posts about the Super Bowl, sex, and sex and the Super Bowl.  What more could a person ask for?

1. On objectifying language

Dianna Anderson does a great job summarizing the problems with the use of words and images that reduce women’s existence to that of male plaything.  She says,

The message we’re continually bombarded with is “women exist not for themselves but for the pleasure of men.” It’s the definitive male gaze.

I usually suggest staying away from the comments on blog posts unless one wants to either experience rage or contribute constructively, but in this case, go ahead and read them.  There’s more good stuff in there.

2. On objectifying ourselves

Sarah Moon does a phenomenal job of explaining the difference between women as objects to sell products and women dressing (and performing) in ways that make us feel empowered.  Best quotes:

Men are often seen as more human, as REAL men when they are sexual, while women are accused of objectifying themselves.

Objectification does not happen when a woman like Beyoncé decides to use her sexuality to be powerful. Objectification happens when Audi commercials show a teenaged boy kissing a teenaged girl without her permission and displaying that as bravery.

Amen and amen, Sarah.

3. On Beyoncé’s performance

I saw a boatload of Facebook statuses and tweets about how inappropriate Beyoncé was during her halftime performance.  But I saw just as many great blog posts defending her.  Here are some of the best:

4. On “impromptu sex week”

I’m borrowing the term from something Preston Yancey tweeted last night in the process of collecting various blog posts on the subject.  (Not to mention the fact that, well, that honestly just sounds pretty good in general, doesn’t it?)  In addition to Preston’s own two posts on purity culture and virginity, as well as the ones I linked in last week’s news, there have been several other good ones:

And of course, my own 3 posts this week on masturbation, two of which were linked by Slacktivist in this post (a nice summary of the purity culture posts over the last couple of weeks).

5. On my other blog

I started a second blog, because this one just isn’t the place for fiction.  But I write some of that, too, so I thought, Why not?  The plan is to put something new up there about once a week.  There are three this week, because I just started it last Saturday.  You can read the introductory post, my first story, and my guest post for Tim Gallen on there.  Be sure to check out the page for guest posts, because I would love to feature your writing!

One thought on “Notable News: Week of February 2-8, 2013

  1. Ah! I loved Beyonce’s performance and felt like she just threw it down! When I was criticized on Facebook for my half-time-show-kudos, I simply chalked it up to being from Vegas… HA! You can take the girl outta Vegas, but you can’t take Vegas outta the girl, right? So, all my friends figured, “Poor Daisy… being raised in Vegas has desensitized her from being able to recognize when Jesus is shaking His finger and “tsk-tsk”-ing from His throne up above to all the women who can’t seem to find any clothes. Alas, she is our quintessential wild child–not much can be done about her. We still love her, though, because she means well.”
    :) Bless my heart, right?

    Love you, girl!
    Daisy Rain

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