I am really enjoying watching the kids grow up.  Their unique interests and personalities have begun to blossom.  As much as I miss having J (my son) at home with me, the separation is actually good for both of them.

S (my daughter) is developing quite an interest in math.  Today, she insisted on having extra time in her math book.  I told my husband he’s going to have to take extra time with her, as I simply cannot relate to this adoration for all things numeral.  She certainly is daddy’s girl!

J has begun to write more complicated stories.  Last week, he brought one home titled “Light Bulb versus Blanket.”  Today, he wrote a story about finding a magic paintbrush in a smoking hole in the back yard.  The plot was quite involved.  He said that free writing is his favorite time of the day.

I have never cared about trying to “guide” their interests toward any particular career path.  (I know what you’re thinking–of course not!  But you’d be surprised at how many people actually do this.)  But it certainly does please me that they are finding things they enjoy that will enrich their whole lives, and perhaps the lives of those around them.  Would I be proud to have J become a best-selling author? You bet!  But I’ll take him telling fantastic stories to his children.  Would I love to have S grow up to be an actuary?  Sure!  But I’ll be content if she can balance her family’s budget and manage their financial resources.  I could not be more proud of them!


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