Sometimes, we hide in the shadows.  There are parts of ourselves we never want anyone to see.  Not just our sin, but whatever about ourselves we see as unacceptable.  Beliefs, values and opinions that we hold dear, but worry might bring trouble.  Things we fear others will see and judge.  Scars.

The shadows feel safe.  And really, it’s ok to keep some things between ourselves and God.  Not every part of my life needs to be on public display. Some things are meant to be shared only with those closest to us.  Our friends bear our burdens with us, and that brings healing.

But those shadows can cripple us, too.  They keep others from seeing us, yes, but that can mean we keep others from knowing us at all.  When we have to hide who we really are, hide it from everyone in order to feel safe, then it crushes us.  Each new lie we tell ourselves or others becomes another part of the wall holding us in.  And when the truth about ourselves comes out, everyone is hurt in the explosion.

Will people judge us, belittle us, and hurt us?  Maybe.  But they might also accept us and welcome us, too.  We won’t know unless we try.  I know some of my dear friends are still in the shadows, afraid to be who God made them to be.  My friends, you won’t find any judgment here.  My prayer for you is that you will find the strength to fully become everything God created you to be, to have life to the full as God desires for you.  I stand with you.

It’s time to step into the sunlight.


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