Happy Holidays, from Our Family to Yours

We didn’t send out Christmas cards this year.  With new responsibilities for many of us, it wasn’t high priority.  I suppose that has a lot to do with being able to keep in touch with people all year.  It used to be that the only time we heard from some of our friends was at Christmas time, via newsletters and cards.  Now, we chat, message each other, and share the events of our lives (and the mundane details, too).  It hardly seems necessary to pass on holiday greetings through the mail when we can share it in real time online.  While some may lament this as the passing of an era, I celebrate it.  How wonderful that we can come together like this!

That said, I’m saving paper this year.  I’m offering my holiday greetings in this blog post.  I don’t need to share what’s happened in our lives over the last year, most of you have seen it unfold online.  You’ve seen my status updates, tweets, and blog posts.  Besides, it’s been a relatively uneventful year for us.  Small changes, not big ones.  We continue to feel the love and blessings of friendship and kinship and we are thankful that you are all part of that.

For all our wonderful family and friends, we wish you the happiest of holidays in your many different traditions.  May your new year be full of promise and hope.

Much love,

The Mitchells



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