Provoketive: Driscoll Fail

My post, out today, is on the ways Mark Driscoll gets it right.

I wanted to avoid giving Mark Driscoll any further press.  I wanted to avoid reading, writing, or thinking any more about this man and what he has to say.  Most of all, I wanted to avoid using the words, “Mark Driscoll” and “right” in the same sentence.

Darn. [read more]

That’s all well and good, except that Driscoll’s church, Mars Hill, had an epic fail which you can read about here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).  You should also read the follow-up guest post.  Several other people have weighed in on the issue, including Jonathan Fitzgerald, Dianna Anderson, Sarah Moon, and Bob Cargill.  These people are more articulate than I.  So instead of writing about this myself, I urge you to read about it for yourselves.

(I will go on record saying that while I agree that discipline and correction are good, this was an abuse of power and not appropriate.)


2 thoughts on “Provoketive: Driscoll Fail

  1. I’m personally done with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (and I’m not talking about Voldemort, either). The more attention I give him, the more he makes me upset. I got enough demons in my head!

  2. Can’t remember whose blog it was, but under a post about Driscoll someone called him “VoldeMark.” I would love to be done with this guy, but there are a few people in my (real life) inner circle who act like FanBoys over him. Actually, that opens a whole other can of worms…

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