My Life, In Purple Font

I’m a scheduler by nature.  I like to have a calendar handy.  I use Google Calendar because there are four people under this roof.  It’s easier to have everyone’s life neatly typed in using multi-colored blocks.  I got the purple ones, of course.

I prefer a paper calendar.  It’s visually appealing to me.  It took a long time to get used to this new-fangled electronic planner.  In fact, the only reason I use it is that I can access the calendar on my phone.  I can now check everyone’s schedule before I make my next appointment at the dentist’s office, for example.  Very handy.

Anyway, I’m now wildly off-topic.  Sorry.

The whole point of bringing up the scheduling thing is that I want to be able to organize my blog a little better.  I’ve read that it’s best to stick to one general “thing” on a blog, such as faith, sex, writing, sex, etc.  I failed that test.  I tend to write about whatever pops into my head at the moment.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing, necessarily.  But it’s probably confusing for the three or four people a month who stumble upon my blog and find that I don’t write exclusively about sex one thing.

So I’ve decided, for the sake of the ten people who actually read my blog, that I will organize the heck out of it.  That way, if you only want to read my posts on sex (and who doesn’t like to read about sex?), you will know what day to visit.  Those of you who were blushing at my last sentence (you know who you are) can skip those posts.

Here’s the New and Improved! blog schedule:

Mondays: Faith, theology, and the Bible.  Here, more good stuff about literalism, interpretation, cool stuff I find in Scripture.

Tuesdays: Blogs, Twitter, and around the Web.  People I follow, blogs I read, stuff I find.  Featuring people a lot more interesting than I am.

Wednesdays: Women.  I think that sums it up, right?

Thursdays: LGBT issues.  Inspired by Naked Pastor David Hayward’s Gay Thursdays, I will also talk about these things on Thursdays.  Hey, maybe we can start a trend!

Fridays: Kids and Family.  Because I do like to talk about my kids, of course.

Saturdays: Everything else. Sometimes, there’s just no good place to put it.  So it goes here.  I suppose that includes my occasional rant about writing.

Sundays: I don’t post on Sunday.  Even God took a break.

So there it is.  If I don’t have anything to say that week, I’m giving myself permission to post exactly nothing.  And sorry, I didn’t include a category for sex.  I guess you’ll just have to be surprised.


2 thoughts on “My Life, In Purple Font

  1. I like it! I struggled with whether I should have a theme for my new blog or blog about a variety of things since I’m interested in too many things (like most people). I decided on a theme but like your idea of mixing it up. Good luck with the new structure; I hope it works for you!

    • I struggled with it too, especially after reading all the “how to make your blog awesome” articles. After the last one I read (which was badly written and full of horrible advice), I decided that I just need it to feel like “me.”

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