Pop Rocks! (But no Coke)

We try to be careful about how much time our kids spend in front of a screen, so we’ve banned any form of television or video games before the bus comes.  This morning, J made an appeal.  He needed his computer for his project.  Apparently, he is planning to release his original CD (to the limited audience of, well, us), and he needed to record the first track.  Naturally, I relented.

The CD, entitled Extreme Moves, will feature the following songs:

Pop Rocks
Sweet Rock
Techno Dog
Juice Rap
X-Electro Cheese

I’ve already had a preview of Pop Rocks and Techno Dog.  I can’t wait to hear X-Electro Cheese.

Parents, let this be a warning to you: This is what happens when you won’t let your kid play the Wii before school.


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