Recently, Jay Bakker posted this on Facebook:





I don’t mean to make light of a serious issue, but this is more complicated than he makes it sound.

We are living in challenging times.  We are all doing our best to navigate these waters.  At this point, even within denominations there is disagreement on the involvement of LGBT congregants.  It leaves some of us reeling, unsure what our personal responsibility should be.

Jay Bakker is right.  If we want to know, we need to be willing to ask.  We need to be open to the answer, even if it isn’t what we wanted to hear.

And while we’re at it, we need to ask ourselves: How would my non-white friends feel if I chose to worship at a church that discouraged worshiping together?  How does it feel, as a woman, to worship at a church where women do not have equal status in leadership?

My LGBT friends and family know me, and this is something we’ve talked about.  They know my heart and why I choose to belong to my church.  They know what it would take to change that.  Do yours?


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