Notable News: Week of April 21-27

It’s been a newsworthy week!  Lots of good stuff.  Go read some awesome things happening around the web:

1. Grace for oppressors

In case anyone missed it, there’s been a ton of web buzz about Hugo Schwyzer, a “feminist” with a checkered past that he attempted to gloss over for his own gain.  The response was a whole lot of bloggin’ about what it means to be a male feminist ally and how we keep our space safe.  It’s brought up a ton of interesting discussion about all types of oppression and victimization, and how Christians ought to respond.  This post by Fred Clark (Slacktivist) sums it up nicely: Mercy for the downpresser man is not the first step. Or the second, or third.

2. New York State Department of Education, the 8th grade ELA test, and a rogue pineapple

In an epic fail, a bizarre question appeared on (and subsequently disappeared from) the test last week.  Everything you ever wanted to know about the sleeveless nature of pineapples can be found at these web sites:

3. John Shore’s open call for Christian LGBT allies

Love him or hate him (I happen to love him), John Shore doesn’t shy away from the Big Issues.  He’s created a petition for Christians to sign, calling for us to stand up as allies to our LGBT friends, neighbors, and loved ones.  You can read about it here, and sign it here.  The goal is hundreds of thousands of signatures.  Let’s make it happen!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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