Notable News, week of July 13-20, 2012

I woke up to some tragic news.  While I’m still going to highlight this week’s major Christian debate, I also want to send prayers out for those affected by the recent shooting in Aurora.

1. Movie Theater Shootings in Aurora, Colorado

Read the story here.  There are no words.  I am so sorry for the families of those who were killed or injured.  Also check out this article, about a blog post, the last one written by one of the victims of last night’s shooting.

2. Childless, White Feminists: Can They Speak for All of Us?

This is why I like the diverse people I follow on Twitter.  I heard about this article, which on first reading, doesn’t sound entirely bad.  But a more careful reading reveals that this is coming from someone who has never actually lived through the experience she is criticizing.  She also makes some assumptions about the kind of people who practice certain parenting styles.  So my answer is an emphatic no, this woman does not speak for me.  Parents, do what you believe is the right thing for your family, even if some “feminists” think you’re playing martyr.

3. The Gospel Coalition Delivers Some Epic Fail

I’m not even going to bother adding my 2 cents.  I think Rachel Held Evans, Christian Piatt, and Matthew Paul Turner have said it best.  Just go read the original, then read the responses.  I also highly recommend the links at the end of RHE’s second post.

Warning: Some of the blog posts contain references to rape and/or sexual abuse, which some people may find triggering.  In addition, the language used in the original article also may be triggering for some because of the specific language used.

The Polluted Waters of 50 Shades of Grey, Etc.

The Gospel Coalition, sex, and subordination

Some final thoughts on The Gospel Coalition, sex, and submission

Gospel Coalition’s Views on Gender, Sex Aren’t “Complementary”

50 Shades of WHAT: My response


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