For the last month, we’ve all been busy.  First there was family vacation, followed by a week of dance camp and two weeks of day camp.  We’ve hardly stopped running the whole time.  But now that it’s over, it feels strange, this stillness.  It’s hard to believe that the train has stopped.  In a way, it’s difficult to imagine life without the daily trips.

This time of year always makes my heart a little heavy.  After the whirlwind of camp, it’s a bit of a letdown to step back into reality.  It was worse, back in the years when I was heavily invested in the daily work.  Even now, though, it still fills me with longing when it’s all over.

But all good things eventually come to an end.  And now, the rest of the summer stretches out before us, a blank canvas.  We will paint with visits to the park, the zoo, and the sprayground; time spent with friends, new and old; and an end-of-summer trip full of music, laughter, and love.  Though we’ve left behind the good gifts of July, we still have August to make summer magic.

Today, I’m resting my spirit.  I’m taking the time to read, to write, to reflect.  This is a day to enjoy the peace before we begin a new journey.  Though one stage is behind us, another lies ahead.  I want to be ready to take it as it comes and enjoy every moment.

What will August mean for you?


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