Notable News: Week of September 1-7, 2012

Forgive me for the news being thin this week.  I’ve been out of touch between vacation and the colds we’ve all been suffering in our household.  Only a couple of things this time around.  Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll be back at regular capacity next week.

1. Slacktivist on Politicized Facts

It’s been awhile since I’ve highlighted anything by Fred Clark, aka Slacktivist.  Here’s a good one.  I think much of what he’s said here can be applied to church debates, too.  I find that there’s a lot of fact-denial in many churches, particularly when it comes to science.  Better for us to stop arguing among ourselves about the facts and start asking ourselves how Jesus wants us to respond to the facts.

2. Australian Prime Minister Refuses to Speak at ACL

And…cue the Christian outcry.  Yes, Julia Gillard cancelled her speech to the Australian Christian Lobby.  Yes, it was because Jim Wallace made homophobic statements.  No, it isn’t the first time Jim  Wallace has said something stupid, and it probably won’t be the last.  I suppose I feel somewhat relieved to know that calling LGBT people “bullies” for asking for the same rights the rest of us enjoy isn’t just an American thing.  On the other hand, it sucks that anyone still believes any variation on the theme, “Those friggin’ gay people need to just shut the f*** up and stop screwing with MY RIGHTS to hate them!”

3. Alise Wright on God and Politics

I love the poetry of her writing.  Even when calling people out for something, she manages such elegant flow.  It helps that I agree with her, of course.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


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