Notable News, Week of September 8-15, 2012

Just a couple of things to note today.

1. Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya

By now, most people are well aware of Tuesday’s events.  My condolences to the families of those who died.  I also deeply regret the circumstances surrounding their deaths.  It is so very sad that we cannot peacefully coexist, despite our differences.  It disturbs me, too, that the situation has become yet another way to fuel politics here in the States.  We need to stop being childish about this, using it to point fingers and shift blame.  It’s time we took seriously the call to “live at peace with one another.”  This does not just mean among nations or religions.  It means right here in our own country and among people of the same religion.

2. More on Mark Driscoll’s view of Esther

Some great stuff from some of my favorite bloggers:

Rachel Held Evans

Naked Pastor

Sarah Moon

My biggest problem with Mark Driscoll is not what he says.  Lots of people say stupid shit all the time; we just ignore them and move on.  I mean, surely every person reading this has heard someone say rage-inducing things at some point, right?  The problem with Driscoll is that his words reach a wide audience, he preaches it from the pulpit as a supposedly Christian pastor, and people actually listen to what he says.  So when he writes tripe like his Esther blog post, people who like what he says on other subjects are more likely to read it and agree.  Unfortunately, his low view of woman and the fact that he (whether he believes it or not) repeatedly speaks of us as though we are all man-baiting whores, is very dangerous.  It’s exactly his kind of anti-woman hate speech that leads to acceptance of rape culture.  A piece of advice:  Please, please don’t listen to anything this man has to say about anything.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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