Notable News: Week of October 13-19, 2012

In keeping with my focus on women for the next couple of weeks until the official launch of Rachel Held Evans‘ new book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, this week’s links are all about women.  (By the way, you can already order your copy of the book.  Yes, I’m shamelessly promoting it.  I’m more than halfway through already, and I hope to finish the book this weekend.)

1. If this doesn’t make you lose sleep at night, I don’t know what will.

Please go read this piece by Dianna Anderson.  Click on every single link.  I can’t fathom why no one has made any effort to stop creepers from taking photos of women and plastering them all over the Internet.  We are a seriously screwed up society when anyone thinks this is okay.  Also, I need to make a note here: I think that it’s pretty sad that any church is still teaching modesty as a way to avoid harassment and rape.  “Modesty” won’t spare anyone from these sick people taking pictures.  And if that’s true, then it’s equally true that “modesty” won’t spare a woman from incest, rape, harassment, stalking, or any other predatory behavior.  That’s because these people are perverts who don’t care about “modesty.”  How about instead we make sure that we take a stand against what these disgusting people are doing and prevent any more women from being violated.

2. Your WTH? moment for the week

I am so glad we have Matthew Dowd to explain to us What Women Want in a President.  I was feeling a bit conflicted about it, you know.  And I am so deeply disappointed that I married an Alan Alda-type instead of a John Wayne-type.  This is the mid-twentieth century, after all.  Oh, wait.

3. Get the hankies

This beautiful post by Leanne Penny will make you cry for all the right reasons.  It reminds me how much I miss my own mom, but how far I’ve come since she passed.  I know she would be proud of me.  Reading Leanne’s lovely words was healing for me; I hope it is for you, too.

4. This week’s posts about A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Thoughts about “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” by Rachel Held Evans by Roger E. Olson (Patheos)

Her Year of Living Biblically by Ruth Graham (Slate)

Christian Bookstores Refuse to Sell Lady Bible Book Because of ‘Vagina’ byLaura Beck (Jezebel)

Rachel Held Evans spends year living according to the Bible, literally by Jordan Chittley (Yahoo!)

Rachel Held Evans: A Woman’s Year of Living Biblically (Shine from Yahoo!)

On Rachel Held Evans and Why “Vagina-gate” Matters by Christian Piatt (Patheos)

A Post About LifeWay, Vaginas, and @RachelHeldEvans by Matthew Paul Turner

5. Don’t forget…

…to submit your essay for the contest.  The deadline is November 2!

Have a great weekend, everybody!  See you on Monday with a woman-centric post about Fifty Shades.


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