Notable News: Week of October 20-26, 2012

It’s just days from the official launch of A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  Do you have your copy yet?

Before I sign off for the weekend, here’s the scoop on women around the Web this week, including the latest book reviews for AYoBW.

1. Women’s Reproductive Health

Whether or not I completely agree with everything that comes down the pike about women’s reproductive health and rights, there’s no denying that some stupid things have been said about it.  A friend shared this video on Facebook, and now I’m passing it on to all of you.

2. Your WTH? Moment of the Week

Richard Mourdock, what were you thinking?  I have no idea why so many people cling to the idea that God has ordained rape for the purposes of creating more human beings.  Plus, I thought that our bodies had magical defenses against that.

3. And in other news, Al Mohler continues to be an idiot

Technically, this should probably go in the list of posts about AYoBW.  But I’m giving it separate space because 1) it isn’t just about the book and/or Rachel and 2) it’s negative and I’m reserving the last category for the good stuff.  Anyway, I don’t think any of us should really be surprised that Mohler has told people not to read Rachel’s book.  My hope is that in telling people not to, he’s actually piquing their curiosity.  Yay!  Anyway, on a related note, this should clear things up a bit, both regarding Mohler and “vaginagate” (the refusal by Lifeway to carry AYoBW because it contains a “flippant” use of the word vagina).

4. This week’s posts about A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Interview with Dan and Rachel Held Evans on the Today Show

On [finding myself among] Women of Valor, by Kelly Bevill/Rainboots & Beef

Book Review: A Year of Biblical Womanhood, by Kelly J Youngblood (Renewing Your Mind)

Is God a biblical woman? by John Stonecypher (The Shack Bible Project)

God In The Home, by Ryan Robinson

A rant about sex and marriage, by John Stonecypher (The Shack Bible Project)

Mocking the Bible? by Ryan Robinson

My Review, by Redefining Female

Headcoverings and Hair: What’s Your Hermeneutic? by Kelley Mathews

The Proverbs 31 Woman, by John Stonecypher (The Shack Bible Project)

Rachel Held Evans v. Scholasticism, Jesus & Venus

A Review of A Year of Biblical Womanhood, by Mark Baker-Wright (Transforming Seminarian)

A Year of Biblical Womanhood: Understanding and Openness in One Woman’s Journey, by Dianna E. Anderson

Happy reading, everyone!  Next week is a big one, with the official book launch on Tuesday, October 30.  The week starts with my Fifty Shades shout-out to Mark Driscoll and there will be goodies all week, including my review of AYoBW and the final deadline for the biblical womanhood contest.


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