Notable News: Week of November 3-9, 2012

What a week!  This time last week, I was just starting my NaNoWriMo novel; I’m now over 13,000 words in.  I also discovered possibly the only two people in my social circles who had no idea that I support LGBT rights.  Who knew there was anyone still left?  In much more interesting news, this week saw some good writing around the Web.

1. Women set the election on fire

Dianna Anderson nicely sums up the great news for women.  We rocked the vote!  Among other things, women are at a record high in the U.S. Senate at 19.  I told my daughter that since we make up half the population, I would love to see half of the people representing us be women.  I hope that happens in her lifetime.

2. On no longer identifying as pro-life

Libby Anne, over at Love, Joy, Feminism,  has written a post on her move from being firmly in the pro-life camp to having a very different view today.  She sums up nicely exactly what I think about the subject.  (Note: Please do not debate Libby Anne’s words here on my blog; go to her page and interact with her.  I can’t speak for another person.  If you want to talk about abortion here, it had better be respectful.  I’m not going to tolerate shouting about how “wrong” anyone else is, calling people baby-killers, or demanding that anyone—myself included—change our views.)

3. Another perspective on unintended pregnancy

I understand why many people (particularly progressives) may not agree, but Thea Ramirez writes a compelling post about making adoption a more viable choice.  I have seen some of the challenges that face people seeking adoption, and I agree that change is needed.  There is certainly more room for honest discussion on the matter.

4. Writing is hard!

Stephanie Brooks understands the internal dialogue of many writers.  Here, she offers some practical solutions for the frustration many of us have when we perceive our writing to have fallen short.  I know that point number one, about failure to give ourselves time to write, is true for me.  It’s tough to balance my own goals and the needs of my family, which ultimately leads to unproductive days and writing that is definitely sub-par.

Join me next week for more juicy talk about Fifty Shades of Bad Writing and a brand-new series about the issues raised in A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  I hope you all have bought your copies so that we can grab a hot drink, a blanket, and settle in for some woman-to-woman chats.  Over the weekend, I hope to get in at least another 4,000 words on that NaNo Novel.  What are your plans?


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