Guest Post: Sports Fan

Today’s post is brought to you by fellow writer Andrea Ward.  It seemed fitting after yesterday’s post about reclaiming our power as women.  Here’s a way that Andrea expresses herself.  Enjoy!

Sports Fan

I know where the key is.
I know what a corner kick is.
I know what icing is.
I know what a 5-4-3 double play is.
I know what a Hail Mary is.
I know what a green flag pit stop is.
I know what a rear naked choke is.
I know what a natural hat trick is.
I know the difference between a K and a ʞ.

I also know over 80% of the professional teams in all major sports off the top of my head.

When is it going to be okay for a woman to be a sports fan? Admittedly, I do enjoy shocking people with the amount of my sports knowledge, but after they know this about me I expect them to respect my knowledge. Am I asking too much? Because twice in the last two days my sports knowledge has been indirectly insulted and directly insulted.

I realize that for some older folks they just can’t get used to it and rearrange their vocabulary appropriately. However the lack of vocabulary inclusion does not eliminate the ability to respect my knowledge and fandom of sports. And a majority of them are cool with me being a sports fan. So if they are willing to make room, then how about the younger generation giving a little acceptance?

I am a sports fan. I know not all women are and that’s okay. I know not all men are and that’s okay. But I am a sports fan and I would really appreciate it if those that are sports fans would treat me as a valid sports fan. Just because I am a woman doesn’t make me less of a sports fan. It doesn’t make me a better woman or a worse woman. It doesn’t make me a better sports fan or a worse sports fan. I do not nor have I played a sport. That also doesn’t make me a better fan or a worse fan. I have watched sports since a very young age. That doesn’t make me a better fan or a worse fan. It just makes me a valid sports fan. I just want to be recognized as such.

Disclaimer: I know my definition of “sports fan” is rather lofty and I can be exclusive about it at times. I’m working on that. So maybe some out there could work on accepting me too. Because I’m not perfect either.


Andrea Ward is a blogger, writer, wife, mother, teacher, and youth leader. She loves good food, good books and good conversation. A cup of great coffee will make her day great and if it that said cup is fair trade, she’s through the roof! She blogs Jesus, You, and Me. ( and you can find her on Twitter @citrus_sunshine.


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