Guest posts, meetings, and shopping…oh, my!

I’m sorry, everyone, for ruining your Monday with my failure to post about Fifty Shades this morning.  My day looked like this:

  • Desperately consume coffee in hopes of waking myself up
  • Drive nine-year-old to jazz band rehearsal (only 5 left before the big competition!)
  • Beta read a story chapter that I was supposed to do 2 days ago and forgot
  • Make myself not look like most of my days are spent writing and homeschooling my kid (i.e., change out of my pajamas before noon)
  • Pick up friend and her daughter to watch seven-year-old
  • Go to nine-year-old’s school for his CSE meeting about his 504 plan (for my non-American readers, that’s the Committee on Special Education, since he has an educational plan for classroom modifications under the Americans with Disabilities Act for his ADHD)
  • Drive friend and friend’s daughter home to choruses of “But it wasn’t long enough!”
  • Take seven-year-old shopping for tan tights for dance recital that we didn’t know until yesterday she needed, after I already purchased THE WRONG COLOR

Needless to say, “write blog post blasting Fifty Shades” was not on the list.  No worries–I’ll remedy that tomorrow, unless either Mark Driscoll or Tony Jones says something stupid on the Internet.  In which case I’ll probably just write the Fifty Shades post anyway.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy my first guest post over on Homebrewed Christianity.  Go read, and be sure to leave a comment.

Have a great Monday, lovely readers.  See you all tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Guest posts, meetings, and shopping…oh, my!

  1. One can agree that for most of specific fields of knowledge some training can be useful. However, the religion is one of few topics where education and training is only in the way from the the truth. The Scriptures, especially, the New Testament, is a selection of naive writing, processed as propaganda with a parasitic agenda to control human (man’s and woman’s alike ) mind for the benefit of clergy. Everybody knows best what is his spirit or soul, because it is purely subjective, but fear of death and trace-less disappearance turns people to religion. If you can find something ion the scriptures it is your right to interpret it. And I think women are more spiritual than men, thus have more to say about those subjects. So, people can and should have conversations about what the Scriptures mean without degrees and language study. It would make more (much more) sense than leaving it to the experts.

    Regards, Yuli

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