Taboo, Part 3

This is part three in a series based on David Hayward’s cartoonIf you missed them, here are Part 1 and Part 2.

Warning: The cartoon and the posts are NSFW.


The movie ended, but Claire and Lindsay missed it because they were occupied with other pursuits. The sudden silence distracted Lindsay momentarily, and she reached around Claire for the remote. Claire stretched.

“Maybe we should move this upstairs,” she suggested.


They padded up to their bedroom, and Claire flopped on the bed. She was tired, but not so tired that she couldn’t admire how graceful Lindsay was. She smiled. “How do you still look gorgeous at this hour? I’m positively frumpy by five o’clock.”

Lindsay smirked. “That’s my secret. I’ll never tell.” She stripped down to her underwear and slid into bed next to Claire.

Remembering something, Claire sat up. “I almost forgot. If it’s not too late, want to check out what I got?”

“That depends. What is it?”

“A game.” Claire giggled then pitched her voice low. “For lovers.”

Lindsay laughed. “Cheesy. And do we really need it?”

“No, of course we don’t need it. It just looked like fun. I’ll show you.” She snatched the box off her nightstand and set it in the middle of the bed.

Eying the box warily, Lindsay said, “It looks like something out of the fifties. That illustration is weird. Are you sure there’s anything in here we can use? It looks kinda aimed at, you know, straight couples.”

“It says right here that there’s something for every couple,” Claire pointed out. “They probably have different stuff inside. Let’s open it and find out.”

Lindsay sighed. “Fine.”

Claire opened the box and they pulled out the contents. Dropping the timer on the bed, Claire tore the plastic wrap off the cards. Lindsay held up the buzzer and arched an eyebrow at Claire.

“Why would anyone need a buzzer for a sex game? Is it that kinky that you use it instead of a safe word?”

Claire shrugged. “Well, fake BDSM is popular these days. I guess that’s for people who want to pretend to play it rough.” She drew a card out of the deck. “Huh. Well, here’s one.” She passed it to Lindsay.

“I’m not sure we could do that.” She turned the card upside down. “Is that even physically possible?” She put the card back and took a different one. “We could try this, I suppose.”

Meanwhile, Claire was sifting through the rest of the deck. “Seems you were right. I mean, some stuff works for pretty much anyone, but a lot of this is pretty bland het stuff. What a bizarre game. I have an idea—let’s do the one you picked out but spice it up a little.” She grinned wickedly at Lindsay.

Before long, they were thoroughly enjoying themselves, experimenting with variations on the card they had chosen. Just as Lindsay maneuvered to change their position, the loudest buzzing she’d ever heard startled her. She knocked into Claire, causing them both to collapse onto the bed in a heap of limbs.

“Ow!” Claire complained. “What the heck was that?”

“Stupid buzzer from the game. Must be something wrong with it.” Lindsay frowned.

“Strange. Well, give me a minute to calm down from my heart attack, and we can pick up where we left off.” Claire adjusted so she wasn’t crushing Lindsay anymore and they wrapped their arms around each other.

They kissed lightly and resumed their lovemaking. Lindsay trailed a path downward from Claire’s lips, moving lower and lower—


“Argh! Damn it. I am going to shut that thing up if it’s the last thing I do,” Lindsay declared. She grabbed the buzzer and made to hurl it across the room.

“Wait!” Claire reached out her hand to stop Lindsay. “Just stick it back in the box. If we can’t use this thing, maybe someone else will want it.” She sighed. “At least it was free.”

Lindsay huffed. “Fine.” She tossed the buzzer into the box along with the cards and the timer. “Worthless piece of crap. I’m glad you didn’t pay money for it. Actually, where did you get it?”

“A woman I know said she got it at church. Someone apparently brought a bunch of these back from some conference.”

“A conference for extremely uptight people, obviously. Never mind. We don’t really need it.”

“No,” Claire agreed, “we don’t.” She set the box aside and reflected that at least she was now fully awake to enjoy spending quality time with Lindsay.

They returned their attention to each other, focusing on enjoying their night. As they tumbled into passionate oblivion, they both missed the buzzer’s miserable howls from inside its cardboard prison.


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