WIPpet Wednesday: Dance Fever

Hooray!  It’s Wednesday again, and you all get a BONUS!  In addition to today’s installment of WIPpet, you can also read the first 3 parts of my new short story series, Taboo (also linked at the right under Story Series).  Warning: The series features lots of implied sex, and not all of it is your typical married missionary position type (which is kind of the point of the series anyway).

Anyhow, today is the 22nd, so you get 4 lines (2+2) of the next chapter.  Enjoy!


Léon Bazille Perrault [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It took several minutes to find Gia’s dance class, but when Phin finally located it and peered through the window in the door, he had to laugh; he understood why Alex had poked fun at her. He had no idea what exactly she and her class were doing, but somehow, it involved three elderly women and two elderly men hopping around to the beat of something vaguely techno-punk. Whatever it was, it didn’t look like any traditional form of dance he had ever seen. He watched for another minute or two until the song ended then knocked on the door.


And there you have it!  I can’t decide if I feel sorry for Phin getting sucked into so many odd things or whether I think he kind of deserves it.  You be the judge.  Happy writing, everyone!


18 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: Dance Fever

    • 🙂 I should post the follow-up to this next week, just for fun. I kind of felt sorry for Phin after I wrote this, but he belongs to me, after all, and I’m allowed to dig at him a little.

  1. I would love to know what kind of…dance…they’re doing. I can imagine Phin’s expression because I’d probably be wearing the same one!

  2. Seniors doing Jazzercise maybe? Sounds like they’re having fun with it.

    Sorry actually that Phin will end up regretting it. People who regret their actions tend to close themselves up even more to things that might bring them joy…

    • Oh, I only meant that he regrets it in the sense that he thinks it’s all just sort of silly, and then he does it–and finds out those senior citizens might just be in better shape than he is! 😀 He starts off the story as kind of a snob, so this is healthy for him.

      • AH! I bet those seniors are better at it than him. When I think about how in shape my 91 year old grandmother is… Oh, yeah… Phin’s in for an awakening.

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