Random Tuesday Confessions

Sometimes, I just have collections of thoughts swirling in my brain.  I need to expel them so I can have a clear head.

1. My faith has changed a lot, and I don’t hold the same exclusivist view of salvation I once did.  But sometimes, I’m still scared of hell.

2. Sometimes, I’m even scared I might be heading there myself.

3. I don’t laugh at all my kids’ jokes.  They’re old enough now that I tell them when they aren’t making sense.  I do try not to be mean about it, though.

4. I write a lot of crap that never sees the light of day.  I don’t even show my family.

5. I get nervous about sending my work to people just for guest posts.

6. Writing fiction scares me much more than writing blog posts.  I’m a lot more worried about “getting it wrong” when it comes to how I’ve portrayed people.

7. My favorite genre is contemporary romance, but I prefer stories that have a lot more plot than smut.

8. Editing erotica is not sexy.  Like, at all.  It’s super clinical.  If you think it’s one big hot love fest, you’ve obviously never had to pick at it for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Also, you’d be surprised at how many people think they are writing great sex when they’re really just…not.

9. I get embarrassed at writing sex scenes–not because I’m embarrassed about sex but because of what I just wrote in #8.  I’d rather “fade to black” than write something awful.

10. I occasionally write fanfic.  No, you can’t read it.  I use it to play around with concepts before using the same structures in “real” novelling.

11. I prefer writing from a man’s POV.  All that crap about how women are “complex” and men are “simple”?  Nonsense.  The complexity and the challenge is exactly why I like writing men.

12. I’m worried that people won’t like my work, but I’m even more scared that they will.

What’s on your mind today?


What's on your mind?

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