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I love my fellow Christians.  I love the church.  But I think we mess things up—a lot.  It’s okay, we love and serve a G-d of grace and forgiveness.  And guess what?  That includes everyone!

I believe that too often, our faith gets cluttered with tired doctrine, exclusionary systems, and a failure to see each person as being made in the image of God.  I am especially passionate about eliminating the ways in which we cut down women and LGBTQ people.  I hope that by sharing some of my own thoughts and my own journey that others will begin to think about how we can have a more generous, inclusive Christianity.

I use this space to put down my thoughts about faith, theology, doctrine, the church, and how we, as Christians, live what we believe.  I also sometimes throw in some random things about life, my kids, and the art of writing.


I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a good love story.  Not just any love story, though–I like a good dose of humor, a cast of quirky characters, and a side of Injustice Smackdown.  I don’t mind smut, but it needs to be well-placed and important to the story.  And don’t even get me started on the abundance of Romance Tropes.  So instead of complaining that I can’t find nearly enough of the right kind of tales, I decided I should just write a few of my own.

General Warnings:  Cheesy, gooey love that might make you laugh, cringe, roll your eyes, or all three.  Stories with adult themes will carry extra warnings and the text will be hidden with a “more” separator.

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