It's Not That Simple

This morning, I read another food-fanatic blog post.  Why, you may be asking, would you bother?  I was reading a blog which is not specifically about food.  I decided to peruse some of the other entries.  After I found that one, I saw the blogger had written several others in a similar vein, which I chose not to read.

I must emphasize that I have absolutely no problem with people making what they believe are healthy choices for themselves and their families.  I might find it to be a little conspiracy-theory based and over-the-top, but I also feel it’s your right to do it.  Just as it’s my right not to believe every scary “fact” trotted out as evidence of our slow deaths by government food-based chemical poisoning.

This particular post bothered me for a different reason than usual.  The blogger implied that eating a particular way (only organic, locally grown produce) was a “simple” choice.  I have to disagree, Random Blog Poster.

Not everyone has access to a great farming co-op.  Not everyone goes to the farm market and says, “Wow! Yes, those tiny, rock-hard peaches and green strawberries are a STEAL!”  But more importantly, not everyone has the extra money to buy only local organic produce (which can cost as much as three times as much in the grocery store).  And where we spend our money is hardly a “simple” matter.

For our family, being on a single income that is far below six figures, we have to choose carefully where our money goes.  At this time in our lives, we actually have to choose between buying all organic produce and supporting the missions, charities, and people that we believe are important.  For now, we are choosing to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and support human rights.  A person might argue that we would be doing just that if we bought local, organic produce.  Maybe; but not directly, and not in the form we choose, which is by giving directly to the organizations we choose.

Making decisions about where and how we spend our money is not an easy thing.  We are living in a world in need.  I am glad that there are people out there who are concerned about our food and our natural environment.  But just as I don’t shred you for choosing produce over providing clean water, please don’t assume my choices are out of ignorance or lack of concern.  How about if instead, you do your thing and I do mine, respecting each other’s passions?  Perhaps, one day, we will see that both of us have made a difference.