Book Review: Devil’s Dilemma

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Happy Monday!  Today, I’m thrilled to introduce to you another one of my favorite new authors, Sirena Robinson.  I had the privilege of being one of Sirena’s editors on this book.  For a little background:  I received a chapter through a beta-reading service and honestly, my first reaction was, “It’s a bit religious.  I wonder if I will enjoy it.”  I generally don’t read the sorts of books one finds in Christian book stores.  Well, trust me, this is not your average religious fiction.  It’s intense and exciting and unusual.  I loved working on this novel, and Sirena herself is an intelligent and interesting woman.  Many thanks to her for giving me the chance to work together on this!

Sirena will be doing a give-a-way at the conclusion of the blog tour on March 1st, 2014. Five names will be drawn from the comments and each winner will receive a free e-book copy of Devil’s Dilemma. In addition, one grand prize winner will be drawn to receive a goody bag full of books from other PDMI authors.


Here is an excerpt from the novel:

Alaria turned and saw Beelzebub walking toward her. She smiled wickedly and sauntered in his direction, her heels clicking sharply, her whip—with the chain on the end—clinking against the stone floor with each step. She lifted her other hand and studied her fingers, forming a white hot fire ball with nothing more than a thought. Casually, with one flick of her wrist, she sent it at him. Beelzebub dodged, but it struck him in the shoulder, melting his suit and singing the skin beneath. Unconcerned, he brushed a hand over the wound and flicked off the ash.

“Your betrayal has not gone unnoticed, sister.”

Alaria shrugged. “Better with them than you. Millions of years of service, and still the outcast? I decided it was time to move on.”

“This was your chance to win favor with Lucifer. You’ve waited for this since the Fall. Just as we’re about to get it, you betray us and join ranks with our greatest enemy?” He hissed. “Did you really think He was going to take you back? Give you a shiny new set of wings?”

“Something like that.”

“Think He’d be brave enough to send Gabe down to Hell to fish you out of the pit?””

“I don’t pretend to know what He would do. It’s a moot point since you’re not taking me back down there.” She bared her teeth in an absolutely horrifying smile. “I’ve always liked Earth. Now that Michael is about to put Lilith back where she belongs, that frees up some real estate for yours truly.”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath.” Beelzebub struck out with a lightning bolt, knocking Alaria back several steps.

Alaria regained her balance and raised her whip to lash out at him. “Then it’s a good thing I don’t breathe.”

Griffin watched the exchange with bated breath. The Devils clashed violently with whips, swords, fire, and lightning. More than one demon was slaughtered just because they got too close to the fight. After several minutes, the loud crash from Michael opening a hole in the floor distracted Alaria, and she looked over long enough to see the Angel grab Lilith by the throat and carry her into the hole, the stones miraculously coming back together once he was gone. The distraction gave Beelzebub the opening he needed. He swept her feet out from under her and put one foot on her chest. He leaned down, grabbed her by her hair, and wrenched her head back.

“I’m going to make you wish you were dead. You’ll never get out of the lake, Alaria. We’re going to take turns carving you into pieces, then put you back together and do it again.” He gripped the dagger in his hand, prepared to drive it through her chest and kill the body she inhabited to send her essence back to Hell, where she would be trapped.

Before he could plunge the blade into her, Griffin raced out of the kitchen, the consecrated blade clutched in her hand. With a Warrior’s cry, she flung herself onto Beelzebub’s back and sank the blade to the hilt in his throat.

Devil’s Dilemma is available on Amazon in both e-book now and print as of 1-17.


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